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  • 57-Minute Workout

    Physique 57's Unique Workout Class

    Physique 57

    Are you losing the battle of the bulge? Have no fear! With Physique 57, you can load up on reinforcements, kick that butt into shape, and fight the fat for good!

    Physique 57 isn’t Pilates, yoga, boot camp, or naked badminton; it’s all but one of these exercises combined! In other words, “it’s a sequence of exercises for 57 minutes where we target the muscles to lengthen, strengthen, and tone with isometric movements broken down into intervals,” says Director of Training Shelly Knight.

    This class isn’t your average white bread aerobics hour. One session includes ballet movements, weight training, and core toning, with stretching after each intense muscle group workout to keep you motivated.

    Your thighs and glutes feel the burn throughout the 57 minutes, but it really helps that there are two high-energy teachers cheering you on by name, clapping, and helping you correct your posture, all while you’re jamming out to music. Just like when you were potty trained (OK, bad comparison).

    You can burn around 300-500 calories per class and you’ll often see results after only eight classes. Just ask these celebs who swear by Physique: Kelly Ripa, Lisa Rinna, and Emmy Rossum.

    If you can’t make it to class in NY or LA, don’t fret. You can still enjoy this transforming fitness routine by ordering the full body workout on DVD.

    **A single class in studio is $28, but mention FabFitFun at the door and you will get 3 classes for the price of one! **

    Posted on March 14, 2011 in Fitness


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