13 Ways to Be Happy

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Make the most out of 2013


Think Happy Thoughts

Your thoughts profoundly influence your behavior and actions. If you are looking to make changes, start with thinking positive!


Create a Vision

By the time you are ringing in the New Year of 2014, you should know what success looks like. Include your five senses: What will you see? Feel? Hear? Taste? Touch? Visualize and actualize what you want; it’s all possible!


Take Baby Steps

We fall short because we set the stakes too high, which can be very overwhelming. Create smaller daily or weekly actions that will lead you to your big goal.


Bounce Back

Sometimes you will fall off track — and it’s OK and totally natural. What’s important is to know what your strategy is to recover before this happens. Learn what made you get sidetracked and then quickly recover with your strategy. Make sure to keep your focus!


Move Your Body

Don’t exercise because you “should” or you “have to.” Pick an exercise you enjoy, whether that be dance, yoga, or tennis. Try new activities to discover the right fit for you. There’s always a new class popping up!


Mix And Mingle

With the Internet making things so convenient, we can easily send a quick email to people we love. However, as human beings we love to feel connected and there is nothing like the old school way of getting together. Make an effort to meet-up with friends and family regularly, and surround yourself with people that enjoy your energy. Isolation is a habit that can quickly lead to unhappiness, so get out and get connected!


Plan, Plan, Plan!

We’re not just talking about planning your “to do” list, we’re talking about planning fun things. If you don’t include fun activities on your personal agenda, you aren’t going to be happy. It’s time to have fun — write down a wish list of all your favorite activities! Take that trip you’ve been daydreaming about for months or go see the museum exhibit you’ve been aching to see.


Om, Meditate

Developing a meditation practice will help you live a calm and content life. Just 10 short minutes can set you up for a more peaceful day (and even the entire year!).


Learn To Say No

If something is draining your energy or not working for you, eliminate it immediately. Let go of those activities that don’t serve you and learn how to say “no.” Saying “no” can be extremely liberating. Just make sure you’re not saying “no” to things that are new. Always expand your healthy horizons!


Laugh Until You Cry

Laughter releases endorphins (brain chemicals that make you feel good). Laugh more to feel better. Added benefit: It also burns calories!


Drink Up

To keep your health and energy up, drink lots of water and green juice. I recommend having at least one green juice a day, and try to keep coffee and alcohol to a minimum. The less toxins you have in your body, the more vibrant your mind and energy will be. Your body is your house, so you best treat it well.


You Are What You Eat

Nourish yourself by making choices to eat lots of fruit and veggies. The more colorful the fruit or veggie, the higher it is in antioxidants. Make sure fruit and veggies are paired with each and every meal. And as tough as it may be, try to avoid sugar and flour as much as possible.


Treat Yourself

Pick one thing that you really want and start a piggy bank for it. Save enough money until you’re able to buy it, whether it’s a new pair of jeans, a vacation to Paris, a new home, or a designer handbag. You deserve to have what you want!

Posted on January 24, 2013

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